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Whiskey Globe Decanter Set

Whiskey Globe Decanter Set

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Product Description:

Get set for a globetrotting drink or two with this globe decanter and glasses set! Keep your spirits high and looking amazing in the glass globe provided and wave goodbye to any other way of drinking them! Designed to align with your core desires

The luxurious decanter set includes a glass ball carafe with a ship model and a wooden stand. Ideal for drinks like wine and whiskey. It also includes 2 glasses with a matching etched pattern of the world map, which can also be seen on the carafe. The stainless-steel funnel ensures that you can pour your drinks into the carafe without spilling, and 9 whiskey stones are available for discerning whiskey fans.

What's included? 

Globe Decanter!

Decanter featuring an etched globe design and antique ship in the bottle will undoubtedly enhance your drinking experience.

Matching Glasses!

The set includes a pair of matching glasses with a beautiful frosted map motif.

Whiskey Stones!

Comes with whiskey stones for the connoisseur who likes their whiskey as it should be, chilled but undiluted

A luxury designed box!

Unique gift for Birthdays, Father's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Boss's Day, Christmas, Housewarming, Graduation and Anniversary.

Your world can and will be turned upside down. An elegant gift for the special whiskey lover in your life. This globe gift set is perfect to commemorate any occasion, this whiskey tasting gift set is a present to never forget! The experience starts from the moment of the box-opening!

What’s a decanter without matching glasses? This set will make sure you’re set for those nights you could use a classy drink from a classy glass! This product won't be tide with any other in your affections!


Serve whiskey in style with this unique globe carafe! This whiskey carafe is made of high-quality hand-blown glass, which gives the carafe a luxurious and fine appearance. TRUE WHISKEY ON THE ROCKS: Forget about ice cubes melting and ruining the taste of your whiskey! Our whiskey stones help you preserve your drink cold for longer periods of time, while preserving its strong and delicious taste. Whiskey on the rocks never tasted better!

PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR SPECIAL SOMEONE: Whether it’s Father’s Day, valentine’s, a birthday, an anniversary, or even as a retirement gift, men and women who enjoy fine liquor will be awestruck to receive this as a present!

PREMIUM QUALITY: The whiskey stones are finely crafted from non-porous granite, designed for easy recycling and zero pollution. As well as the glassware possessing round edges to help prevent scratches and to make it a durable item in your collection.

FOR EXPERTS AND ENTHUSIASTS ALIKE: Whether you’re already an experienced spirits drinker, or you’re just starting on your whiskey journey, our gift box is the right tool to bring you from whiskey novice to full-fledged connoisseur.

A REFINED TASTING EXPERIENCE: Bring the sophistication and classiness of whiskey everywhere! Nothing creates a special moment with someone, and the right atmosphere for it, like a drink prepared the right way, in elegant fashion.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Each item’s measurements are the following: The Whiskey glass is 8.5cm L, Whiskey Stones are 2cm x 2cm. Whiskey Decanter is approx. 22W x 22L cm.


x1 Whiskey Decanter

x2 Whiskey Glasses

x9 Whiskey Stones

x1 Luxury Gift Box

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